Amazing Fact: Many Parts of the US Calls Funko Pops “Funko Sodas”

Over the past few years, the Pop! line of vinyl miniatures from the Funko company has permeated conventions and Hot Topics alike all across the country. But despite the popularity of the the beady eyed statuettes, Americans have been unable to agree what to call them.

It has been common knowledge that people in the United States have varying ways of saying things from region to region: southerners famously say “y’all” while the rest of the country tends to use “you guys”. Our cartography team at Anime Maru put together a map of the preferred term for Funko vinyl figures and it illustrates the trend in different regions of the country.

Funko Pop is preferred in the Midwest and Western United States.

Funko Soda is used in the West Coast, Northeast, and Florida.

Funko Coke — what the fuck, guys?

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