American ‘Demon Slayer’ Fans Excited for Incredible Movie They Have No Way of Seeing

Demon Slayer fans across the United States this week continued to eagerly await the release of the highly-acclaimed movie that they still have no way of officially seeing. Demon Slayer: Mugen Train initially released to Japanese theaters in October of last year receiving high praise and quickly becoming one of the most successful animated movies in the region. The success has left American fans clamoring to know when they can see the movie for themselves.

However, despite the clear desire for the film in the US, there has been no confirmed date for a wide public release. With the pandemic still not contained and many theaters remaining closed or in limited capacity, doubt has started to arise as to whether an American release will even happen at all.

“Making it through 2020 was bad enough. I need to see this movie,” fan of the franchise Adam Harvey told Anime Maru. “I’m been waiting over a year and a half for more Demon Slayer and now I can’t even watch it!”

Trailers for the movie showcasing studio ufotable’s superb high-quality animation continue to remain online along with a claim of “coming soon”. The extent of those affected is expected to be widespread with Aniplex USA’s upload of the trailer on YouTube having been viewed over 14 million times at the time of writing.

Adding further to feelings of frustration, reports indicate that Demon Slayer: Mugen Train has received a Western release, but only in Australia and New Zealand. While some fans admitted to feeling desperate enough to travel overseas to see the movie, the option remains unrealistic due to travel restrictions.

“The wait is becoming unbearable,” said Lucas Garner of California. “I never thought I’d say it, but I’m actually envious of Australia for once.”

With a second season of Demon Slayer already confirmed for 2021, the situation has only continued to become dire as concerns from fans grow over whether they will get the chance to see the movie before the second season airs.

We attempted to reach Hunter x Hunter fans for advice on how to handle such long gaps between new releases, but all declined to comment.

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