Americans Hope for Presidential Election to Take Harem Route End


Americans have called it “the longest and most difficult visual novel known to the medium”, and with the story set to finish in early November, Americans are still uncertain which route they will ultimately choose. We caught up with Thomas Hall, who’s been playing through the game for the past several months.

“I wish I had taken the time to start the game sooner”, Hall says. “Not knowing what route to take this late in the game really limits your options. I definitely don’t like Trump-sama so I don’t think I’ll choose his route, but I don’t trust Hillary-chan. And going down Gary-kun’s route is just a waste of clicks!”

With no clear path in sight, Hall says he’s hoping there’s still a flag for the harem route.

“Nearly all generic [visual novels] have a harem route option, right? There’s gotta be one for this election VN too…”

Spoiler theories for the game have been circling around the internet for weeks as to who is best girl and which route would be best for the main character. Two battle sequences between Trump-sama and Hillary-chan have already passed, and players expect to encounter a third soon. Other rumors of deleted scenes have been making their way through the web, such as the deleted blowjob scene between Trump-sama and Student Council President Putin, and the cuckold h-scene involving Bernie-san watching his love interest confess to Hillary-chan.

The winning candidate will be decided on November 8, but in the meantime an anime adaption produced by Silver Link is airing on any channel that shows the news.

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