Anime About the Making of Shirobako Greenlit


A scene from Bakoinai depicting D.A. Works employee Mizushima Kanoue struggling during a dubbing session for Shirobako.

The most recent issue of Kadokawa’s Monthly Dengeki Daioh announced that production on the new anime series Bakoinai has been greenlit. Bakoinai depicts the staff at studio ‘D.A Works’ as they work to create the anime Shirobako, which follows five girls as they work to succeed in the anime industry.

“Creating an anime about the process of creating an anime about creating anime presents a very unique challenge,” director Mizushima Tsutomu tells Anime Maru. “We will do careful research to most accurately depict the making of Shirobako, and capture the essence of what is it like to make an anime about making anime.”

According to a preview shown to selected media outlets, Bakoinai focuses on Takayama Midori, a production assistant at D.A. Works, the anime studio working on Shirobako. Subplots include Midori dealing with a lazy and inept co-worker, the D.A. Works staff struggling at adapt to a last-minute decision to change character designs, and director Mizushima Tsukomu’s unwillingness to draw storyboards.

Bakoinai was truly inspired by real things that happened during the making of Shirobako,” director Tsutomu sheepishly tells Anime Maru

Voice acting roles that have been confirmed so far include Kimura Juri as ‘Mimura Juri’ and Chisuga Haruka as ‘Chisaga Maruka’.

“I am very excited to be a part of this project,” Chisuga announced to fans via Twitter. “I’m a voice actress voicing a voice actress voicing another voice actress.”

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