Anime Adaptation of Urasawa’s ‘Pluto’ Scrapped Because Pluto isn’t a Planet Anymore


A poster at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival of Naoki Urasawa’s acclaimed manga Pluto hinted at a possibility of an anime adaptation. Urasawa, however, has now stepped up to comment and deny the hype revolving around the possibility: A Pluto anime won’t happen because Pluto isn’t a planet anymore.

“In Greek mythology, Pluto was the ruler of underworld — this ominous title was also given to the planet, and a demotion to dwarf-planet also dwarfs the entire title,” the 57-year-old manga artist said.

Urasawa speculates that it can be difficult to evoke feelings of mystical fear when the first image to pop into mind is a sad small rock in the far reaches of space. Ultimately this association was the factor that scared away all the possible producers.

“When the manga started its run in 2003, Pluto was still considered a planet,” Urasawa explained. “Things have changed since then. It’s not that the manga had a lot to do with astronomy or anything, but the entire Pluto mess in 2006 was bad PR for the manga and now a lot of things by the name are stigmatized.”

Another unfortunate victim of the Pluto fiasco can be found from Sailor Moon, where the character Sailor Pluto has lost all its original meaning. Experts speculate this might be why no one actually watched Sailor Moon Crystal.

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