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The internet looked on with anticipation and glee when Thomas Sedry, 21, created his personal anime blog. Houkago Anime Blog is a website dedicated to Sedry’s opinions on currently airing shows as well as other anime-related topics. Sedry, the sole proprietor of the website, claimed that he had an urge to write at length about anime topics and felt like sharing his opinions with the world. His inaugural post further promised occasional posts about manga, pop-culture, and video games.

Five months have since passed, and the anime community is still waiting for the second ever post on Houkago Anime Blog.

“He’s probably got something amazing cooked up; I’m pretty excited to see what he’s been working on that’s taken three months to write,” avid Houkago Anime reader Dylan Richardson told Anime Maru. Richardson hoped it would be a post about Love Live!, the popular idol franchise that Sedry stated was one of his favorites. Richardson speculated that the writing process was complicated by the fact that during the five-month-long process of writing the post, Love Live! Sunshine!! aired in its entirety.

Another reader, who claims to visit Houkago Anime Blog every day to check for new content, proposed that Sedry is working on the most comprehensive and meticulously researched first impressions post in anime blogging history. “He’s probably watching everything and has like two paragraphs dedicated to each show. This is going to be the best summer 2016 preview out there,” the anonymous user posted.

Though the site has been slow to provide new content, fans of Houkago Anime Blog have been patient.

“As an regular reader of anime blogs, I know that good things take time. I think Houkago Anime Blog has a lot going for it,” Richardson said, pointing out the site’s default WordPress theme. “I’m also looking forward to more clues in the Sombra ARG.”

As of press time, Sedry was reportedly working on a new post: an apology for not updating more frequently and a promise to post more in the future.

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