Anime Blog Unsure Which Order to Write Japanese Names


One of the blog’s readers shortly before a bout of blinding rage

The anime community was up in arms earlier this week when the anime blog Anime Tundra was revealed to not consistently use surname conventions when naming anime personalities. The offending articles mentioned “Yukari Tamura” and only a few sentences later discussed voice actress “Kato Emiri”.

Readers have understandably become enraged.

“What the fuck is this clueless guy doing?” read one comment on his blog. “Last names come first in East Asian languages what is so fucking hard about that?”

“I believe one of the better seiyu in Sailor Moon Crystal is Ito Shizuka, who reprises Fukami Rika as Sailor Venus,” the ill-fated post continued as blood curdling screams were faintly audible in the distance.

In another post, the author listed his favorite Kyoto Animation shows as “Haruhi Suzumiya no Yuutsu, Raki Suta, and Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions.”

“Though I love the production quality of Kyouto Animation, I can’t help but prefer the unique style of Shaft’s director Akiyuki Sinbo,” the idiot motherfucker continued.

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