Anime Bloggers Struggle To Write Year End Posts That No One Will Read


The holiday season brings with it many traditions and practices. One such common tradition is year-end posts from anime bloggers that include “12 days of anime” and “top 10” lists that nobody reads or cares about.

“Nothing says Christmas to me like sitting by the fire, looking at the snow coming down outside my window, and toiling to think of memorable moments in anime to include in my list as I sip some eggnog,” said anime and manga blogger Marcia Helmstead. “There really is nothing quite like staying up half the night to describe a particular scene I liked and knowing that it will get 15 views tops, mostly from friends of mine who just do it so I read their lists in return.”

Another popular blogger who uses the handle Kirito_Tatsuya69 agrees: “I am rewatching key scenes from episodes, and even marathoning entire shows again just to make sure my top 10 of 2014 list is absolutely perfect. The fact that no one will even care about it and that dumb memes and Nikomaki fan art that I reblog get 100 times more views is just part of the tradition,” he told Anime Maru. “Pouring your heart and soul into something and receiving disinterested indifference in return is what the holidays are all about!”

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