Anime Club’s Maid Cafe Not Nearly as Good of an Idea as it First Seemed

EAST LANSING, MI — A university anime club’s idea of running a maid cafe ended in social awkwardness last weekend when the activity failed to meet what many of the club members had envisioned. Originally planned as a fun event inspired by scenes in anime, the Anime Club at Michigan State University had been anticipating the maid cafe for many weeks with much excitement from the members. As the cafe began to take shape, however, the difficulty of translating fantasy into reality began to prove too difficult to overcome.

“When the idea was first brought up, everyone was really enthusiastic about it,” Club President Thomas Fuller told Anime Maru. “We were all familiar with the concept of maid cafes and heard about them even being a real thing in Japan. Bringing some of that experience to our club seemed like the perfect idea.”

The club encountered its first hurdle when it realized that the club did not have enough female members to actually staff a maid cafe. One club member suggested that boys could potentially dress up as maids as well, although after a brief trial with this idea it was quickly abandoned. Another member suggested that some of their little sisters could be recruited as waitresses before being promptly asked to leave. Ultimately, a favor had to be called in with the Fantasy Fan Fiction Club in order to get the recruits necessary.

“They kept wanting me to read some of their Kingdom Hearts x Steven Universe fan fictions. That really should have been enough of a warning sign to start backing out,” Fuller stated.

When the day of the club’s maid cafe arrived, many of the attendees stated that the feeling of the scene did not seem right. Witnesses describe a heavy atmosphere which accompanied the event during its entire duration leading many to feel uncomfortable just by being in the room.

“When one of the maids shouted ‘welcome back master!’ right into my ear I think I nearly threw up in my mouth a little,” one attendee told Anime Maru. “This wasn’t the cute bubbly utopia I was hoping for.”

As the awkward event unceremoniously came to a close, attendees quickly rushed home in order to begin suppressing the memories of what they had experienced.

When members reconvened the following week, the club had resumed its normal activity of watching anime episodes in a dark room so as to see as little of their fellow humans as possible, agreeing that this was the most ideal way to experience anime after all.

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