Anime Community Decides to Just Sit Out This Season


In a joint statement to the press, the anime community at large has collectively decided to pick up no new airing shows this season. After giving dozens of anime the 3-episode rule, the entire anime community decided that none of the anime this season interested them enough to watch any further.

Many anime viewers cited that they didn’t feel the need to watch shows whose entire premise was in their title, like Gamers!, In Another World With My Smartphone, Knights & Magic, and Battle Girl High School. Reasons also cited were being burned out on sports anime, bummed out by Made in Abyss manga spoilers, and having enough ongoing anime carried over from last season to tide them over.

Additionally, legal streaming viewers also said their decision was influenced by Amazon taking most of the somewhat decent shows, Netflix locking away Kakegurui and Fate/Aprocrypha, and not wanting to have to figure out what the hell HiDive is.

We consulted anime historian Micky O’Toole regarding this decision, who said that it was uncommon, but not unheard of. “Back in Winter 2009 the biggest non-sequels were Maria Holic, Akikan! and Chrome Shelled Regios, so no one watched any anime that season either. Sometimes we just get an off season, Japan can’t be expected to put out a single passable anime all of the time.”

The anime community promised that they would use these next few months to catch up on their backlogs, and maybe even get their lives together, fully knowing that neither of those things would actually happen.

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