Anime Con-Goer Very Disappointed by Republican National Convention


CLEVELAND, OH — Hetalia Axis Powers fan and regular anime convention attendee Heather Lewis admitted to reporters this week that she was very disappointed with her experience at the Republican National Convention, or “RepNatCon” as she called it for short.

“After getting back home from Anime Expo I was looking for other conventions this summer and I saw an advertisement for the Republican National Convention right here in Cleveland. Going off the name it’s clearly an Axis Powers Hetalia convention with the idea that it’s a convention for nations and republics, which I thought was pretty clever and seemed fun, so I thought I’d attend.”

“I figured they scheduled the convention midweek because it was a small convention and they didn’t want to compete with the other conventions this summer, but when I got down to the arena there were thousands of people there! I had no idea the Hetalia fandom was still that big. They were completely sold out of tickets already, so I figured I’d just mull around outside to talk with people about Hetalia and get StreetPasses.”

“Unfortunately, most of the people I talked to were total casuals. I asked over a dozen people who their favorite country was, and all of them said America! I know he’s the fan favorite and everything, but come on guys, Hetalia has lots of other great characters. They were really adamant about it too, when I told one guy that my favorite country was China he got really angry at me for some reason.”

“Also, for some reason everyone kept talking about Donald Trump, and how he was the best choice for America. I had no idea that crack pairing had gotten so popular, it seems weird to me but I guess I’m just not following the right blogs. The speakers must all be from obscure blogs too, I have no idea who this Mike Pence guy is.”

“Still, it wasn’t all bad. A couple people complimented my outfit, and someone even asked me to do Germany’s salute, which doesn’t really fit South Italy’s character but I was happy to do it anyway.”

While Heather was disappointed by RepNatCon overall, she did admit that it was at least a better experience than her trip to DashCon.

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