Anime Conventions Run Out of Names

Anime conventions around the nation face a new danger — the lack of clever, punny names.

ANN ARBOR, MI — David Morrison and his planning committee have run into a problem anime conventions around the world now face: a name.

According to a report by the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation, North American conventions have officially exhausted all convention-related puns and wordplay used for names. After the announcement of Anime Boondoggle in late May, conventions names have also used up all nouns in the Oxford English Dictionary.

“We’ve tried everything; Anime Toothbrush, CONservatism, Animo Acid, Anime Michi-Again, AnimeConnection, Anime Insight, Anime lnsight (with a lowercase ‘L’)… all the names were taken by existing conventions,” said Morrison.

One of the few known unused names is A-Con, rendered unusable due to objections from R&B singer-songwriter Akon.

Experts have long warned of the exhaustion of viable convention names, especially as newer fandom conventions started appearing across the nation as an unprecedented rate. For Morrison and his team, the impact hits close to home.

“We really wanted to come up with a clever name for our convention, but it looks like we have to settle for ‘Ann Arbor Anime Convention Taking Place on the Weekend of August 8.'”

According to Morrison, the committee’s first choice of “Anime Convention in Ann Arbor Taking Place on the Weekend of August 8” was already claimed by another convention.

At press time, AAACTP 8/8 has announced Urobuchi Gen as its guest of honor, after the author turned down an invitation to Otakon.

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