Anime Expo Lite Tests New Body Odor Livestreaming Technology

Fans participating in Anime Expo Lite, a virtual livestream event that has replaced Anime Expo this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will be treated to a new immersive streaming experience, with allows not only video and audio from largest anime convention in North America to be transmitted over the internet, but also smells.

The revolutionary new technology uses sensors inside the computers of everyone watching a stream to simulate a scent, and broadcasts it alongside the audio and video feed to deliver the ultimate convention experience.

“Despite the pandemic not allowing us to go to Anime Expo, our new Odor Broadcasting Systemâ„¢ allows us to bring every aspect of Anime Expo to you,” an OBS media pamphlet reads. “Every nasty crotch stain, nacho cheese breath, and sweaty armpit from thousands of convention attendees can be experienced from the comfort of your own home.”

For many, Anime Expo Lite represents a semblance of normalcy in this uncertain time.

“It gives me hope that despite not having to stand in line in the blazing heat, and being in the comfort of their own homes — which likely have working bathrooms — some people still fail to take care of basic personal hygiene on a daily basis,” Anime Expo Lite attendee Meghan Arroyo tells Anime Maru.

“Times like these I can close my eyes and pretend the pandemic isn’t even happening.”

In related news, some Anime Expo Lite attendees report hearing sounds during programming switches resembling sizzling bacon hotdogs and hateful preachers shouting in the distance.

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