Anime Expo VR Chat Meetup Has Attendees Waiting for Hours in Virtual Lines

A virtual meetup for online Anime Expo attendees encountered difficulties earlier today when large numbers of users overloaded the convention’s capacity. Prospective attendees found themselves queuing for hours in virtual lines as they waited to get admitted into Anime Expo’s servers.

Anime Expo Lite, an online substitution for the physical convention, had originally planned to have an online meetup event through the virtual reality platform VRChat. Unfortunately, an hour before the official meetup time was set to begin, huge queues of attendees had started forming as users attempted to get into the chat room. Being able only to host a certain capacity of users at once, convention staff quickly scrambled to get several “registration line” rooms open for online attendees to wait in until further capacity on the main meetup server opened up.

Attendees described lining up for hours in poor conditions as they waited to be admitted into the VRChat room. Stories of cramps from sitting too long and sweaty ears from prolonged headset use were common among those in line.

“I’ve been sitting here for ages and I’m literally burning up,” said user OtakuGuy420 whose desktop computer’s exhaust fan had been blowing on his feet for the past three hours. “They haven’t even handed out any virtual water bottles or anything. AX really needs to get their act together.”

“I got here a little before noon and so far have been directed into several different waiting lines,” LoliTpose, another attendee in line, told our correspondent. “Nobody seems to know what’s going on, it’s just an unorganized mess.”

For those who were able to get into the chat room, many found that the virtual events that they had wanted to attend had already ended. Others eventually gave up entirely trying to get into the events after reportedly waiting upwards of five hours in line. Overall, the virtual meetup was considered a great success and a faithful representation of the Anime Expo experience.

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