Anime Fan Well Prepared for Viral Outbreak Having Already Self Quarantined for Years

MORESTOWN, NJ – The nation continues to brace itself for the full effects of the COVID-19 virus that first became publicly known earlier this year. With the World Health Organization officially declaring the outbreak a pandemic, many public events and institutions have decided to halt or delay operations until containment is more certain. Richard Glasco, 27, however, states that he sees no major impact to his daily life due to the closures and quarantines.

“I was really concerned at first,” Glasco told our correspondent. “But then I tried to think back to the last time I extensively interacted with a physical person and realized there really wasn’t much for me to worry about.”

Health organizations have advised avoiding heavily crowded areas, reconsidering travel plans, and staying home if you begin to feel flu symptoms. Glasco, who often stays home Saturday nights, makes vague responses to avoid social commitments, and chooses the self-checkout at the grocery store even if the staffed checkout is open, did not see any of this advice conflicting with his daily habits.

Glasco showed us around his single bedroom apartment where he pointed out some of the provisions he had built up over the years of self imposed isolation including a high spec desktop gaming PC with multiple monitors and a 4K television connected to Plex. His pantry was also already well stocked with a 30-pack box of instant ramen noodles.

“I’ve got everything I need here,” Glasco stated from his desk with Discord open on one monitor and Crunchyroll on the other. “If it comes down to it I could probably stay inside another week, easy.”

As we left the scene, Glasco excused himself for a quick trip to the washroom before he prepared to sit down for an evening marathon of the latest anime shows only to discover that he had run out of toilet paper.

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