Anime Fan’s Dream to Move to Japan and Become an Animator Suddenly a Lot More Urgent


CHARLOTTE, NC — Self-professed otaku Joanne Williams’s plan to move to Japan and become an animator has had its timetable drastically moved forward in the past 24 hours.

“Ever since I was little I always dreamed of moving to Japan and trying my hand at becoming an animator. I love anime and thought I could bring something to the medium, and I was hoping to be able to travel there to scope out Tokyo in the next few years, but now I’ve decided all I really need is a one-way plane ticket there in the next few months, and I can figure it out as I go.”

According to Williams, late last night she suddenly realized that if she can’t find a job in animation right away, she can get a part-time job in a convenience store or fast food reference or something while applying to animation studios, as long as she is in Japan.

“My Japanese isn’t quite as good as I hoped it’d be, but they say immersing yourself in the culture is the best way to learn after all!” Williams told Anime Maru.

“I originally wanted to wait to move to Japan until I had enough money saved up to rent an apartment in Tokyo with a buffer of at least a few months rent, but now I realize a plane ticket to Japan is only about $1300, which I can totally pull off by mid-January if I pull in enough tips at my waitressing job and sell of all of my anime Blu-Rays and figures. If there’s not any apartments I can afford, well, I’ve heard Japan’s homeless culture is very interesting.”

After reading an article on the effects of nuclear fallout, Joanne has now decided that Australia has a perfectly acceptable animation industry to enter instead.

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