Anime Fans Eager To Trash Urobuchi For Psycho-Pass Season 2

Psycho-Pass2 Tokyo – Anime fans around the world are eagerly awaiting the premiere of the second season of the anime Psycho-Pass by Production I.G. Most fans are looking forward to having another opportunity to nitpick and unfairly dissect and criticize the work of the show’s creator, Gen Urobuchi.

“We thought we would have a chance to really rip Gen a new asshole over Aldnoah.Zero,” said 2ch regular Takeshi Kurohashi, “but when we found out he had only written the first three episodes it just wasn’t the same anymore.”

The desire to pick apart Urobuchi’s work has brought together otaku from around the world. Back in the U.S., Dan Smithson, president of the United Collegiate Organization of Anime Clubs, sent a memo to anime club presidents urging them to overly criticize the show at least once a week. “You can mention his ham-handed references to philosophy or literature, his propensity for darkness and the unexpected deaths of main characters, or even just his script or story ideas,” wrote Smithson. “I mean, we all hate him for our own reasons, and part of the idea of an anime club is to share those reasons with each other.”

Members of anime clubs who mentioned that they actually kind of liked Urobuchi’s work, citing for instance Madoka Magica as an example of his top notch work, were summarily told to shut up since they were clearly weebs who didn’t know what they were talking about.

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