Anime Fans Miss Abuse Currently Focused On GamerGate

GamerGate SEATTLE, WA – The current controversy raging in the gaming community under the loose umbrella title “GamerGate” has caused many anime fans to feel left out. Waves of vitriol, name calling, and general hatred that used to be aimed at otaku culture have been completely diverted to the current gamer culture war, and not all anime fans are happy about it.

“I just wish someone would call me a manchild or a misogynerd,” said veteran anime fan George Frisk. “Hell, I’d settle for something simple like fuckface at this point.”

According to Dr. Riva Cochran, a sociologist specializing in online dynamics, this sense of abandonment is common. “It may seem weird that they miss being abused, but sometimes any emotional connection is better than none at all,” she told Anime Maru. “Calling you a disgusting lolicon pillow fucker is, in some bizarre way, showing you that I care. Taking away those emotions can therefore leave you feeling deprived.”

Frisk and others wish to raise awareness for the plight of the abuse-deficient and ensure that vitriol is distributed fairly among the various fandoms. “You think things are bad for me?” asked Frisk. “My Bronie friend hasn’t been called a nasty name in months!”

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