Anime Fans Recreate Convention Experience by Waiting Hours in Voting Lines

As election day commences throughout the US, deprived anime fans, now having gone the majority of the year without being able to attend a proper convention, are finding ways to replicate part of the experience as they line up at the polls. Numerous voters commented on how lining up for long periods of time outside without water, food, or protection from the elements was oddly reminiscent of the days when anime conventions were still a regular occurrence.

“It really reminds me of Anime Expo,” said Phoenix, Arizona voter Brian Harrington, who had been queued up for hours in temperatures exceeding 90 degrees Fahrenheit. “I’m hot. I’m tired. I’m extremely bored and miserable. It’s almost like I’m at the Los Angeles Convention Center right now!”

Crowds continued to gather throughout the day as large numbers of citizens turned out to participate in this year’s highly contested election. Attendees in some districts even stated that street preachers were present at their polling locations. The angry individuals yelling at passerby and holding large signs brought back memories for many of the prior con-goers.

“This guy in a red hat came up to me and started screaming in my face,” Sara Greer of North Carolina told our correspondent. “I assume he was just angry about my Demon Slayer pin or something.”

Those not in swing states, however, claimed they had much more uneventful experiences where lines moved relatively quickly, organization seemed competent, and locations were adequately staffed.

“It doesn’t really feel like the convention experience unless you are spending time in line several times longer than the actual length of the event you are lining up for,” said one Colorado voter who got through his voting line in under 20 minutes.

With conventions looking as if they will not get back to their former scale anytime soon, former con-goers still took the chance to make what they could of the national event. Although once inside their polling location, many anime fans stated they they were rather disappointed with who they found to be on the guest list.

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