Anime Fans Upset ‘Rewrite’ Has Another Male Lead

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The second trailer for Rewrite (set to air this summer) was revealed earlier, and while reactions were generally tepid, some very vocal anime fans have expressed their displeasure that the anime will indeed feature a male protagonist. Masakazu Morita will voice Tennouji Kotarou, a high school student who gets caught in the affairs of various female characters while attempting to revive a school club. There are cries that the anime industry is endorsing “anti-moe propaganda” by allegedly shoehorning male characters into moe fanservice anime.

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The author of this Tweet apparently did not know that 8bit, not Kyoto Animation, is producing Rewrite.


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The outcry is partially understandable. In recent years, anime studios have been pushing for more equal representation of minorities and other genders in anime. Gone are the days of Lucky Star, where the entire cast was composed of high school girls. However, this trend had led to cries of tokenism, with Kirito from Sword Art Online being a standard example of a “Mary Jane” character. Critics claim that Kirito was a generic and token male character thrown into the anime to balance out its otherwise all-female cast. We sat down with one of these vocal opponents to male characters in anime in order to understand their point of view.

“Kirito in Sword Art Online is a great example of the anti-moe agenda at work in anime today,” Jordan Linnegrin told Anime Maru. “If he was a girl, it would be a great show with awesome yuri pairing. That’s why the second season was better.”

“Anime studios need to realize that we watch anime to fap to 2D cuties. So they can stop with nonsense like feminism and plot, and just give us good ol’ fashioned fap material like Vividred Operation.”

Before leaving, Linnegrin confirmed to us that he will protest the alleged attack on moe by not watching Rewrite along with the rest of the anime community.

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