Anime Maru Adventures Episode 1: Please Help Me

Hello readers. Today, we are proud to present a new recurring segment: Anime Maru Adventures, featuring our exclusive correspondent Steve Sigbjorn. Stay tuned to hear more about his travels and adventures around the world!

TOKYO, Japan — To anyone that is reading this, please send help. My name is Steve Sigbjorn. Three months ago I answered a classified ad for an anime news website that was looking for a travel writer. Next thing I knew, I was packed in a shipping container and dropped off in downtown Tokyo with nothing but a tablet, 100 yen, and a copy of Tokyo Geek’s Guide. It is getting cold. I have been doing unspeakable things to earn money for food. My attempts to contact Anime Maru for help have been ignored. I don’t think I can survive for much longer.

All that was given to me for before I was sent to Japan. The tablet didn’t have a charger.

Tokyo is a beautiful town with plenty to do for those who love big cities. For first time visitors in Japan, it might be quickly overwhelming, so be sure to keep an itinerary and stay organized! I recommend renting a pocket wifi so you can use Google Maps on the go. I stole a Pupuru pocket wifi and it seems to work well.

For lovers of anime and nerd culture, Akihabara is the first place that comes to mind when you mention Tokyo. My copy of Tokyo Geek’s Guide came in handy here; it’s a very detailed travel guide aimed toward western otaku visiting Tokyo. The section on Akihabara is one of the few I have yet to tear out and burn for warmth. While I don’t really need exact walking directions from Akiba Sofmap #1 to Mandarake, the map of anime and idol-themed cafes is useful for my dumpster diving. My favorite is the AKB48 Cafe right next to Akiba Station because of the nice atmosphere, convenient location, and friendly staff that seem to pity me.

Another fun thing to do in Japan is to visit a game center, according to my handy book. I quickly blew what little money I had on a UFO catcher, then spent an hour wandering around the floors with my eyes glazed over. I was eventually asked by staff to leave, presumably because I had not shaved or showered in weeks and I was staring at everyone all scary-like. Sure, ask me to leave, not the creepy 30-something-year-old dude hogging the Aikatsu! machine.

All my pleas for help have been answered by kevo yelling at me to “meet the fucking post deadline,” so here I am finishing this up while sitting in a public restroom in Roppongi. I have nothing; no money, no food, not even my pride remains. All I have left in my name is this book that tells me where to buy anime toys. This is the end.

Tune in next time for more of Steve’s adventures in Japan! You can get a copy of Tokyo Geek’s Guide here. 

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