Anime Maru at ACen 2018

Hello readers, kevo here. I am pleased to announce that Vestro and I will be having an Anime Maru panel at Anime Central (in Rosemont, Illinois) this year. If you are attending ACen, please feel free to stop by for a fun behind the scenes look into the absolute unequivocal leader in anime news. We will discuss keys to semi-seriously managing an anime website and creating effective parody.

You can also hit us up on Twitter @AnimeMaru.

Friday, May 18 (Day 1) 10:45 PM
Donald E. Stephens Convention Center Panel Room 14

We will return to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow. See y’all there!

About the author

Editor-in-Chief, CEO, and Fearless Leader of Anime Maru. He was trained by the North Korean People's Institute of Journalism and Media. kevo follows voice actresses on Twitter and pretends to understand their Japanese tweets. Twitter: @kevo31415