Anime Maru at Anime Expo 2014


Hello readers. I am pleased to announce that some of the Anime Maru staff will be hitting up Anime Expo 2014 in beautiful and sunny Los Angeles. This is a great opportunity for our fans and stalkers to come meet us and beat us up for making fun of your favorite anime (which is probably shit anyway).

Because kevo was a lazy asshole who couldn’t be bothered to submit a panel request AX was apparently too good for us lowly mortals, we will be having a meetup guerrilla-style.

The official Anime Maru Meet and Greet will be at 12:00 (noon) on Friday, July 4 in the seating area of the Dealers Hall. I originally wanted to do 1:00 AM by the railroad tracks in Inglewood, but decided against it because there would be a lack of seating. Please see the below map for reference.



I will be joined by Shinmaru and Usny, and we will have a Q&A session, panel discussion, and crossplaying demonstration. Fabulous prizes will be provided to all three people who show up!

Please follow @AnimeMaru for other opportunities to meet up with our staff, or just follow kevo and stalk him around LA.

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Editor-in-Chief, CEO, and Fearless Leader of Anime Maru. He was trained by the North Korean People's Institute of Journalism and Media. kevo follows voice actresses on Twitter and pretends to understand their Japanese tweets. Twitter: @kevo31415