Anime Maru at Anime Expo 2014


Hello readers. I am pleased to announce that some of the Anime Maru staff will be hitting up Anime Expo 2014 in beautiful and sunny Los Angeles. This is a great opportunity for our fans and stalkers to come meet us and beat us up for making fun of your favorite anime (which is probably shit anyway).

Because kevo was a lazy asshole who couldn’t be bothered to submit a panel request AX was apparently too good for us lowly mortals, we will be having a meetup guerrilla-style.

The official Anime Maru Meet and Greet will be at 12:00 (noon) on Friday, July 4 in the seating area of the Dealers Hall. I originally wanted to do 1:00 AM by the railroad tracks in Inglewood, but decided against it because there would be a lack of seating. Please see the below map for reference.



I will be joined by Shinmaru and Usny, and we will have a Q&A session, panel discussion, and crossplaying demonstration. Fabulous prizes will be provided to all three people who show up!

Please follow @AnimeMaru for other opportunities to meet up with our staff, or just follow kevo and stalk him around LA.

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