Anime Maru Bought Out by Buzzfeed


Hello, loyal weebs, we here at Anime Maru are pleased to announce that after many wonderful years of bringing you 100% accurate anime news, we have been bought out by Buzzfeed and will immediately begin to work under their creative control.

We want to remind our loyal readers that this absolutely does not mean a drop or even a change in the hard-hitting quality of our articles. On the contrary, we will be able to provide you with even more quality content and exciting articles and quizzes.

Mostly quizzes.

That’s all they allowed us to make.

Luckily they still have said that we can write about anime, so long as it’s only anime from Studio Ghibli, and even then, nothing besides Spirited Away.

We once again want to assure you that only quality content will continue to be delivered. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the new artic-err I mean quizzes and lists we will be delivering to you:

  • What Studio Ghibli movie is your favorite?? ( It’s Spirited Away)
  • Top 10 Most Revealing Cosplays!! (You Won’t Believe number 7!!!)
  • Which Sword Art Online Character are you?? (It’s one of two options)

About the author

ttchoubs: (pronounced choobs u plebz) Single-handedly responsible for the death of anime, ttchoubs enjoys spending 10% of his time watching Japanese animation and the other 90% denying others' accusations that he does. He has been banned for 3 countries for his taste in best girls. He also enjoys having lukewarm tea parties with his stuffed animal friends and therapist on the weekends.