Anime Maru Labeled as “Harmful and Misleading News Source”

A live look at Anime Maru HQ (according to tax purposes) in the wake of the announcement

A live look at Anime Maru headquarters (according to tax purposes) in the wake of the announcement

The Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation recently published a list of news and media sources that it deemed “inadequate or harmful in representing anime culture”. Among the claims, Anime Maru was listed as a primary source of damaging content, ranked alongside outlets such as Kotaku, Buzzfeed, and WatchMojo.

We at Anime Maru deny this obvious slander and would like to remind our readers of our many years providing quality anime related news. We take great pride in being one of the only reliable sources of anime related news on the web and would like to assure our readers that Anime Maru always makes great effort into assuring the validity of all articles and continues to strive for being one of the top sources for industry news.

“We hereby condemn [Anime Maru] as a harmful and misleading news source,” declared an SPJA spokesperson in a previous online announcement. “We recommend blocking these websites and their social media outlets to avoid any misinformation.”

The organization responsible for the verdict, SPJA, has a large presence in the western Anime industry, and is largely known for organizing major events such as Anime Expo. With its reputation preceding itself, SPJA’s opinion is not to be taken lightly.

The harsh claims have taken a toll on the Anime Maru office. Several of our interns were found scrounging around for cup ramen and asking when they were going to get paid. Clearly they have become delusional.

“This is not daijoubu“, explained Anime Maru’s totally existent marketing director. “Now our already underwhelming traffic is going to take a huge hit, and this LootAnime partnership alone isn’t going to keep us afloat.”

“I just don’t get it”, says editor-in-chief kevo. “I founded Anime Maru on a principle: to bring quality and timely anime news to the masses, utilizing industry-standard journalism ethics and a non-profit business model. And at the end of the day, we are accused of the very opposite. We tried hard, and got quite far, but in the end, I guess it doesn’t even matter.”

To compensate for an expected decrease in revenue, Anime Maru staff are now considering entering a partnership with

The future may seem dim for Anime Maru, but fear not; we ask for our loyal readers to continue supporting the site and send us your best “ganbatte!“.

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