Anime Music Videos Spliced with Momo Challenge to Buy Anime DVDs

Authorities have alerted anime fans that unknown individuals have placed disturbing imagery into sexy anime music videos on YouTube. The image, a grotesque doll-like figure known as “Momo”, implores to viewers to support the anime industry and buy Blu-rays and DVDs.

This phenomenon has had devastating impact on otaku, who no longer know where to turn when they have a need to watch sexy anime music videos without being guilt-tripped into buying anime DVDs.

“I was watching a Domestic na Kanojo AMV having a good time and then, oh god, I saw Momo challenging me to buy anime DVDs, who does that? I just can’t…” otaku Bryan Roberts, unable to fully describe what he had experienced, tells Anime Maru.

Multiple reports of such videos have been made through anime fan twitter posts, with shared screenshots from the offending videos.

“I didn’t turn down the lights in my room, close the door, and turn on an AMV to have to see be reminded of physical media and that I should support the anime industry,” said Twitter user SexyAnimeTymes327.

Anime experts have offered their own insight on this disturbing trend for anime fans.

“Most modern anime fans don’t even ever interact with physical DVDs let alone consider purchasing them. The result of exposure can be catastrophic, turning otaku away from the world of YouTube AMVs and forcing them to do other things, like actually watch episodes of anime,” anime historian Jonathan Vincent explained in a Facebook post that was shared on Instagram via screenshot.

While solutions to this crisis remain unclear, Funimation released a statement on the topic earlier today.

“These circumstances are why we advise all anime fans to trust and only use Funimation for all their anime streaming, Blu-ray and DVD needs.”

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