Anime News Sites Run Out of Fire Puns for ‘Promare’ Headlines

Online anime news sites have collectively reported that editors have extinguished all possible fire puns to use on headlines about Promare. The Studio Trigger film follows the adventures Galo, a headstrong firefighter tasked with stopping supernatural flame-wielding mutants from burning down the futuristic city of Promepolis. Thanks to rave reviews and a theatrical release in the West, Promare has become a blazing success and a regular source of attention for anime news websites.

Promare’s critical and box office success has ignited a firestorm of media attention, but editors throughout the anime news industry have found that their stock of fire-oriented phrases running dangerously low.

“I just used ‘Promare On Fire As It Sets New Box Office Record’,” Crunchyroll managing news editor Sarah Segesson told Anime Maru. “I’m really burning through my list of fire words quickly.”

“Fuck it, I give up,” muttered Anime News Network editor-in-chief David Hong as he reluctantly published an article titled “New Promare Figure Looks Flames”. Previous headlines have included “Promare Blazes Way For Anime in Theaters in the West” and “How Promare Rekindled My Love For Anime”.

“I think once we run out of fire words, we can use ice words, because they use ice to trap the Burnish in the movie,” said editor Rakesh Nuwari of UK Anime Network. “It’s a bit of a stretch, sure, but I think it would be a cool idea.”

“On the bright side, since we used up all our fire puns, that means we never ever ever have to write about Fire Force.”

At press time, news feeds around the world received an article titled “Top 10 Scenes of Lio and Galo Ember-acing”.

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