Anime Reviewer Actually Likes New Show, Summarily Beaten to Death by Coworkers


SAN FRANCISCO – A staffer for a popular anime blog was beaten to death by his own coworkers after he announced that he had genuinely liked an anime premiere from the 2014 spring season.

According to police, Jason Chan, 25, an anime reviewer and blogger for, suffered multiple fatal blows to the head and torso and was then impaled with a limited edition Fate/Zero Excalibur replica sword after telling fellow coworkers that he was genuinely impressed with the season premiere of the new anime Black Bullet.

“It was a gruesome scene,” said SFPD Detective Mike O’Hara. “I saw the footage on the news from those Black Bullet riots in Akiba but I never thought it could happen right here in my precinct. What’s this world coming to?”

A source close to the investigation told Anime Maru that according to police interrogation, Chan got into a heated debate with his coworkers after claiming that the premiere of Black Bullet was “actually pretty good” and that he even liked “the loli angle, but not in a creepy way.” The source also said that Chan felt like the ten year time skip enables some interesting reveals later on, and that it had some nice action and violence as well.

A candlelight vigil for Chan that was planned for tonight was cancelled after fans heard that he had enjoyed Black Bullet and instead of launched a defense fund for his alleged killers.

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