Anime Saved by Mysterious Masked Director

Anime fans around the world rejoiced this week after a dashing and mysterious anime director from an unknown animation studio jumped in and saved anime. In yet another season dominated by boring moe shows, the artistic vision of the Masked Anime Director injected much-needed originality into the tired medium.

From atop the UDX building in Akihabara, bathed in the pale moonlight, the enigmatic director denounced the proliferation of greed and fanservice in the contemporary anime industry to the cheering crowd of otaku below. In eloquent rhyming verse, he promised a new vision for anime which harkens back to the character-driven mecha anime of decades past, and definitely does not have any fanservice at all.

There was a feeling of relief in response to the timely help of the Masked Anime Director, for without his intervention anime would surely be doomed.

“My job here is done,” the charming director said as he ending his oration with a flourish. Amid the din of cheering, one solitary anime fan replied in vain, “but you didn’t do anything.”

With a death-defying leap from atop the building, the masked crusader disappeared into the night. When authorities arrived, they found the director’s trademark red rose and a DVD containing a new episode of Darling in the FranXX left at the scene.


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