Anime Studio Mistakenly Licenses Same Isekai Light Novel Twice, Pretends it is Two Different Series

TOKYO, Japan — A famous anime studio has mistakenly licensed the same isekai light novel twice and has decided to just pretend it is two different series, according to a whistleblower at the unknown studio in a Medium post. After acquiring the licensing rights, the studio allegedly had decided to just release the two adaptations of the same series this season under different names.

“They were going through lists of light novels to adapt and just picking every isekai on the list since that is what sells,” said the unnamed whistleblower. “There was an error and one series was listed twice so they mistakenly paid for it twice. So now they are going to just release it twice with small changes.”

We reached out to an animator at the studio, who agreed to answer our questions as long as his name remained anonymous.

“Oh yeah, totally the same series, they just had us change the hair color for a couple of love interests, change all the character names, and switch around some animal species,” said the anonymous animator. “Although I guess those changes were enough to make the series more different from each other than many isekai series technically based on different light novels are.”

Fans on Twitter were mixed in their reaction to the Medium post.

“If this is a way we get more isekei series, than I am all for it,” said user SlimeGod35. “It is great to be able to get through another whole season watching only isekai.”

“That company sounds dumb, but isekai is bad anyway,” said FrogFan14. “Give me more complex adult series like My Hero Academia any day!”

Crunchyroll was reached out to by Anime Maru for comment.

“I had not heard of this happening, but with the high demand for isekei is it any surprise?” said Crunchyroll General Manager Joanne Waage. “But, why should that matter? We have at least five different isekai shows in our catalog that are just El Hazard episodes randomly reordered with a different title.”

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