Anime Suggestion Thread Over 80% ‘JoJo’

An internet-goer received less than optimal advice today when they attempted to ask about which anime series they should watch next.

20-year-old Mathew Ranger went online earlier today in order to post a Reddit thread looking for anime suggestions from other users. Ranger stated that he was still relatively new to anime and hoped to discover some interesting shows that he might not have heard about yet.

To his surprise, the thread received hundreds of responses in under 30 minutes, though with much less variety than he initially expected. Nearly four out of every five responses suggested that he watch JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure with no other series coming close to being mentioned as often.

“It’s strange because I mentioned that I was looking for more romance anime,” stated Ranger. “But from what I saw online about the show it didn’t really seem to fit with that. Maybe I’m missing something?”

The level of helpfulness continued to decline with the concentration of JoJo related responses reportedly only increasing throughout the day. When Ranger expressed in a comment that he wasn’t quite sure it would be something he would be into, several users responded claiming that he must be mistaken and that he should watch it anyway.

From latest accounts, it was reported that Ranger still hadn’t watched JoJo yet, opting instead to begin watching We Never Learn: BokuBen.

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