Hideaki Anno’s Therapist to Fans: ‘Stop Making Him Do Evangelion!’


Amid speculation about the release date of Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0, the finale to the Rebuild of Evangelion film series, fans have begun looking to the future, wondering what might come next for Hideaki Anno’s sci-fi saga.

His therapist would be very happy if the answer is “nothing.”

Anime Maru sat down with Sachiko Fukuda, who has been Mr. Anno’s psychologist for nearly twenty years. “I can no longer allow Mr. Anno tear apart his mind for the sake of his fans. I appreciate the impact Eva has had on the world, but enough is enough,” she said. “It’s quite literally killing him.”

Anno is well-known for the mental breakdowns he commonly undergoes during the writing and animation of new entries in the Evangelion canon due to the show’s depressing and misanthropic themes. The belief among his fans is that he simply bounces back with the aid of his wife, manga artist Moyoko Anno. Ms. Fukuda disagrees.

“Even something as small as a new pachinko game or licensed model kit requires daily visits for almost a week. With the movie series, it’s possible he spends more time in my office than at work.” She is hoping that eva otaku the world over will understand the stress they have placed on Anno, and allow him to walk away from the landmark franchise.

“I must admit, his breakdowns after each and every new Evangelion product have been very lucrative for me,” Fukuda finished, “But enough is enough. If anyone out there truly enjoys the man’s work, please leave him be!”

When questioned about this shocking revelation, several noted Eva fans listened intently, then got bored and wandered away when they realized it wasn’t a release date or new information about the final Rebuild movie..


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