Aqours Considering New Options at Center Due to Chika Takami’s Poor Rebounding


Chika Takami’s role as center for the school idol group Aqours has been called into question after a series of poor performances, culminating in an abysmal 91-88 loss to the New Orleans Hornets last night. The 5’2″ 2nd year veteran struggled to establish herself in the paint, tallying a season-low 6 rebounds.

Due to the fact their roster is composed of high school anime girls, Aqours have found themselves struggling to keep up with the physicality of the NBA. The school idol group have been plagued by defensive woes and poor interior play. They are currently mired in a seven-game losing streak; last winning against the Phoenix Suns in early November.

It was not all bad for Takami — she outperformed Hornets center Dwight Howard, who was dominated all game by Aqours power forward You Watanabe.

The options for Aqours at center are limited: the most obvious choice is Mari Ohara, the tallest member of Aqours towering at 5’4″. When pressed for a statement, Aqours head coach David Blatt refused to comment on roster decisions, but did confirm that Ruby Kurosawa would not feature at center anytime in the near future.

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