Area Man Disappointed to Find Only BTS in Asian Music Section

DOUGLASVILLE, GA – An area resident was disheartened earlier today after browsing local media store FYE. Thomas Soler, 23, said he had entered the FYE location with the hope of finding a potentially interesting album among the store’s Asian media category. To his dismay, the man found that he was met only with a large stock of CDs from all-male K-pop group BTS.

“I wasn’t expecting too much to be honest,” admitted Soler. “There’s occasionally an anime single or something that makes it in there. When I saw the huge stock of CDs, I guess I just kind of got my hopes up. It would have been cool to find something decent in there at least.”

Soler reportedly spent several minutes flipping through every single disc to make sure that he hadn’t missed anything, the sense of disappointment growing as he made his way through the entire row.

“I didn’t even bother going through the whole thing,” stated another shopper who witnessed the scene. “As soon as I saw BTS on the cover of the first disc I turned right around and walked the other direction.”

Multiple sources confirmed that the entire collection consisted of only BTS, most of which was previously owned. It is assumed that that reason for the large stock may be due to an individual trading in a large quantity of the CDs earlier in the week.

“I mean, I get why someone would want to get rid of them,” stated Soler. “It still doesn’t make it any less disappointing.”

Soler visited another media store later that day in hopes of improving his luck, but was only able to find CDs from the Korean boy band Big Bang.

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