Area Man Inspired by ‘Yama no Susume’ Already Regretting Everything

MOUNT RAINIER NATIONAL PARK, WA — Steven Linden wipes his brow and sighs loudly as he looks up at the imposing peak that he has so far climbed barely a  quarter of the way.

Inspired by the third season of Yama no Susume, an anime about a group of girls wanting to challenge mountains Linden decided to also try hiking at a local mountain to fulfill a sudden desire of his. Based solely on the anime, he decided that climbing mountains looks like fun, but only a few hours in to his adventure, Linden’s various social media accounts have started flooding with cries of frustration.

“My feet hurt, my back hurts and I wish I was home already. Nobody told me I have to do actual physical work to get up there,” Linden posted on Facebook, coupled with a blurry selfie taken in rain.

One hour later, Linden posted on his Twitter “where the fuck are all the cute girls there’s only like rocks and stones here goddammit.” After more 3 hours his tweets went even more negative, asking any possible passerby to come and just end his suffering. At press time it’s still up to debate whether Linden will ever reach the peak or just decide to give up, like he has done all his life.

“The same thing happened with Yuru Camp too,” Linden explains how slice of life series inspire him to do things he knows he will ultimately hate. “God I hope there isn’t an anime where cute girls go to Antarctica or some other horrible place.”

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