Area Man Resolves to Watch ‘Legend of the Galactic Heroes’ in 2018

ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL — With only a few days left in 2017, Cody Palmer, 21, told friends and family that he will resolve to watch Legend of the Galactic Heroes in 2018. Palmer previously resolved to watch the 110-episode space opera in 2015, 2016, and this year — 2017. When Palmer proudly announced his New Year’s resolution, claiming that “only true anime fans” are dedicated enough to watch the “greatest anime of all time”, his mother reportedly rolled her eyes.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes began airing in 1988 and is generally regarded as a masterpiece of science fiction by the 31 living people who have actually watched all of it. Thousands more who claim to have watched all of it share similar sentiments. Palmer mentioned that he downloaded the VHS rips a few years ago and as soon as New Years festivities end he will begin looking for the old external hard drive on which they are stored.

Palmer has had success with his past New Year’s resolutions, successfully learning a new language and losing weight in 2017 as planned. When pressed on why watching Legend of the Galactic Heroes presented such a challenge, Palmer responded that he was simply too busy to put too much time into watching anime.

At press time, according to Palmer’s MyAnimeList account, he has watched all 720 episodes of Naruto this year.

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