Area Man Simply Has No Time to Keep Up with Anime this Season

Stressed Anime List

BELOIT, WI — As summer draws close and the weather warms up, anime fans around the nation gather to make small talk about their favorite shows, and why other people are wrong. But not for 21-year-old David Smith, a a recent graduate from a local community college. Smith claims that he is too busy to keep up with the hectic anime schedule.

“My friends are talking about Space Patrol Luluco, and I watched half an episode and it seems great, but I just don’t have enough time to dedicate myself to anime right now,” Smith tells Anime Maru. With dozens of shows each season, anime as a hobby is notorious for being a ‘time sink’.

Studies from the University of Toronto revealed that the typical ‘avid’ anime fan watches four shows per season, which adds up to almost one and a half hours per week.

“I’m watching Ragnastrike Angels, Pan de Peace, and Wagamama High Spec this season as well, but I’m way behind on all those because I just don’t have time to dedicate to anime right now,” Smith explains. “I’ve been looking for a job and just helping my parents around the house.”

Smith then turned back to his computer and opened reddit and started reading for several minutes until our interviewer left.

As of press time, Smith’s Battlenet account indicates 74 hours of Overwatch played this week.

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