Area Man Still Watching ‘Juuni Taisen’


“It’s going to get deep next episode, I promise!” Mike Harburgh told Anime Maru, referring to the currently airing anime series Juuni Taisen, which is based on a light novel by Nisio Isin. Harburgh, 24, has watched all the anime based on novels by Nisio Isin and has nothing but praise for the author’s quirky and immersive style of writing.

“From surprisingly meta Medaka Box to symbolic presentation of Bakemonogatari, Nisio Isin’s works always include some sort of a hook — some kind of turning point that really draws the reader into the story.”

As of press time, Harburgh still believes the hook for this season’s Juuni Taisen is there somewhere, opposed to the anime being just total shit.

“No, you just don’t understand,” Harburgh explains. “It’s going to get really good. Tora saves the show!”

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