Area Man Very Vague About Keeping Up with ‘Miru Tights’

BILLINGS, MT – A Montana man has been suspiciously vague this week concerning whether or not he has been watching the latest episodes of the anime short series Miru Tights.

“Oh right, that weird anime,” Donald Sullivan awkwardly laughed when asked whether he has been keeping up with the show.

“I mean, I may have seen some of it unintentionally. There’s just so many shows to keep up with it’s hard to remember everything, you know?” Sullivan added, continuing not to realize how his evasive answers only managed to prompt further inquiries.

“Oh he’s definitely watching it,” stated one of Sullivan’s colleagues when asked about the matter. “I remember he religiously watched that Anime de Training show when that came out. There’s no way he would pass up something like Miru Tights.”

After additional interrogation, Sullivan confessed that he may have in fact seen the first episode, making sure everyone fully understood his ironic mindset. As an avid anime watcher, Sullivan claimed to have only watched some of the show to see what strange quirks Japan was up to again.

“Okay so maybe I’ve seen episode or two, but it’s not like I liked it or anything”, Sullivan later admitted as he looked nervously around the room.

Sullivan was later seen updating his MAL profile with the latest Miru Tights episode. When questioned about it, Sullivan insisted that it was just part of an elaborate joke.

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