Artists Rejoice as Value of Exposure Reaches Record High

On a day when stocks fell and Wall Street investors expressed fear for an upcoming recession, freelance artists on the internet were pleased as the value of exposure surged to an all-time high.

Despite bond markets sending signals of an impending recession, commodity markets remained steady, with exposure trading at 2.4 Crunchyroll Guest Passes.

“Though the inverted yield curve we see in the bond market today is a reliable recession indicator, this usually has no effect on the disposable commodity market,” Andrea Farragut, an analyst at BNP Paribas tells Anime Maru.

Indeed, the value of large groups of enemies in shounen manga remains steady, at 114 thoughts and 19 prayers. Lectures about pirating anime was trading this morning at 74 Reddit upvotes, a 6-month peak.

“I love drawing for exposure, and there’s no better time to be drawing for exposure than right now,” freelance artist Abigail Tincher tells Anime Maru.

Tincher showed us her exposure account, which credits exposure to her whenever people re-post art from her Twitter or Instagram without accreditation. Tincher can then withdraw her exposure to pay for everyday living expenses.

“I can cover my rent, food, and art expenses with all this exposure I’ve been receiving, it’s way more steady and reliable than the US dollar.”

Experts agree. “Exposure is a solid investment right now for anyone who wants to fortify their portfolio for the next 24 months,” said Farragut. “Other very solid considerations are petitions, Matou Sakura, and the anime adaptation of Island.

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