Ashley Madison Hack Exposes Otaku Cheating on Their Waifu


Canada-based online dating service Ashley Madison, a site marketed towards individuals in committed relationships who are interested in cheating, has filled the headlines recently after it was hacked last month. The attackers stole all of the site’s customer data, including names, addresses, and financial information, and threatened to leak the data online.

Individuals who have had an account on Ashley Madison have some explaining to do, as earlier this week the group of hackers released a 10-gigabyte file containing millions of member email addresses. These include prominent politicians, executives, and surprisingly — otaku.

Daniel “DanmachiDan69” Trekowski is apologizing after being outed as one of the 32 million people who have used Ashley Madison.

“I have been the biggest hypocrite ever,” 31-year-old Trekowski, an outspoken 2D waifu advocate, posted on his blog earlier today. He has long been known to espouse the virtue of anime waifus and to denounce real-life women as “3DPD”.

“I know she may never forgive me,” Trekowski tearfully continued. “I’ve just been frustrated the last few months because I feel my Hestia dakimakura isn’t reciprocating the attention and love I’m giving it. Instead of responsibly working on my marriage, I gave in to the temptation and for that I apologize.”

Hundreds, possibly thousands of otaku have allegedly cheated on their waifus using Ashley Madison. Tumblrs and anime blogs around the internet were flooded with posts of otaku apologizing to their waifus. For many, it is too late and they will be inevitably NTR’ed.

At press time, after it was revealed that his email was among those leaked this week, Meidocafe has allegedly destroyed his figurines and has been reported missing by Swiss officials.


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