Assassination Classroom Anime Put On Hold Until All Knife-Related Violence Ceases


The producers of Assassination Classroom announced today that in addition to delaying the airing of the third episode of the show, the show itself would be going on hiatus until all knife-related violence in the world ceases. The delay of episode 3 was in reaction to the recent kidnapping of Japanese men Kenji Gotou and Haruna Yukawa by terrorist group ISIS. In the ransom video ISIS released, a masked member of the group was seen holding a knife, which is a weapon that several characters in Assassination Classroom use.

When reached for comment, Fuji TV Public Relations stated, “In episode 3 of Assassination Classroom, a character uses a knife to try to kill a smiley-faced octopus monster, which we thought was a little too close to the actions of a militant terrorist group. While the knives in Assassination Classroom are explicitly made out of a material that does not hurt humans, the shape is still the same, so we felt that the relation would be too traumatic for viewers who are unable to place objects in different contexts.”

The production staff of Assassination Classroom is disappointed by the hiatus but understanding. “We always knew that there was a risk involved in producing this anime because the characters use knives, and real life people also use knives, but we figured hey, maybe we’d get away with it and there wouldn’t be any acts of violence whatsoever over the 6 month period of the show’s airing. Sadly we were mistaken, and all we can do now is hope that humanity will stop using knives in a violent manner for 6 months so that our anime about a cartoonish space monster threatening the earth can be unrealistic enough to get by.”

Fans of the show are very proud of Fuji TV’s choice to censor their content due to terrorist action, and hope that this whole incident resolves soon so that Assassination Classroom can air a few more episodes before the next inevitable act of violence.

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