Astronomers Unable to Confirm Existence of Monster Girls on Other Planets


The anime adaptation of Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou, or “Everyday Life with Monster Girls” has come and passed, leaving everyone who watched it who isn’t currently busy fighting the Great Monster Fetish War wanting their own everyday life with a monster girl.

“The show really opened my eyes, and showed me that everyone has a monster girl waiting for them out there somewhere to cater to their tastes”, began Reddit user /u/POP_A_PAPI. “Sure, we all argued about who the best girl in the show was […], and some went off to fight the Great War, which is useless since we all know […]. It’s like that, ya know?”**

**Note: Parts of Mr. POP_A_PAPI’s interview were omitted to prevent fetish-related cyberbullying. 

Monmusu‘s influence has stretched further than this, though. After the series’ finale, Yoshihiro Togashi’s agent announced that the landmark manga HunterxHunter would be returning to a weekly format. Apparently after developing affection towards Monmusu‘s slime heroine, Togashi was unable to continue playing Dragon Quest, where slimes are a common enemy.

Unable to find any companionship on Earth, the fetishists have been looking towards the heavens to deliver their monster girls to them. Anime Maru traveled to the headquarters of the Atlantic Astronomy Association to ask about how space has, quite literally, become the final frontier and the final option for the Monster Girl fandom.

“We get dozens of letters every day asking if we’ve found these so-called ‘monster girls’ yet” says Jerg Pvetsen, a head research representative of the AAA. “Most of them are covered in greasy fingerprints, naturally, although a disturbing number have had bits of cobwebs in the envelopes. I regret to inform everyone sending us letters that we astronomers are much more focused on finding a planet in the universe that could even support simple life forms, much less alien ‘monster girls’ that fall in love with humans on a whim”.

It seems as though the battle will rage on for the Monmusu fans. Where the battle will go from this point on, we here at Anime Maru can only guess.

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