Asuna from ‘Sword Art Online’ Denies Claims From Countless Otaku That They Dated

Yuuki Asuna has denied allegations she ever dated the thousands of otaku claiming on social media that they were in a relationship with the Sword Art Online heroine many years ago.

In an interview with Animation Times, she called her claimed suitors “a bunch of creepy otaku” and added that she was only a 15-year-old girl at the start of the Aincrad Arc.

Thanks to the recent popularity of the hashtag “#1stCartoonCrush”, countless anime fans have taken to Twitter to recall their alleged relationship with the former Knights of the Blood sub-leader.

One Twitter user claimed to have shared a kiss with Asuna every night when he was a freshman in college. Asuna responded that making out with a computer monitor does not constitute as “sharing a kiss”.

On his official Instagram account, the popular musician Moby also claimed to have dated Asuna in the past, posting a picture of the vast collection of Asuna dakimakura he owns, many visibly soiled. The singer-songwriter mentions that he ended the relationship in order to date then-aspiring teenage actress Natalie Portman.

Despite the unwanted publicity in recent days, Asuna can rest assured that most of these alleged ex-boyfriends have long moved on from the teenage anime character.

“Asuna and I used to have a thing, sure — but after we broke up she met someone else and got married in the game,” 26-year-old James Nelson, who also claims to have dated Asuna years ago, tells Anime Maru.

“And as we all know, if you get married in the game, you get married in real life.”

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