Atlus: “Persona 2 Does Not Exist”

With Persona 5 being one of the most lauded JRPGs of the current generation of video games, it is only natural that fans new to the series go through the series backlog for earlier titles. But oddly enough, after completing Persona 4,released in 2008, and Persona 3, released in 2006, most newcomers to the series simply hit an insurmountable wall in the form of the complete non-existence of a Persona 2. While some simply say that the title is too rare or old to find a copy of at a reasonable price, others claim that it more likely seems as if all existence of Persona 2 has been erased from the face of the Earth.

“I can’t find any information about the damn thing anywhere,” commented one 2chan user. “You’d think that for a series that has been around for twenty years it would use its history to its advantage, but in Persona’s case it seems like there isn’t even anything prior to the third game to reference at all. What gives?”

When asked about the subject of Persona 2’s existence, Atlus of Japan released the following statement to Anime Maru: “We are aware of the issue and have meant to correct the record on the matter for some time. As most are aware, the Persona series of video games actually started with Persona 3, and there has never existed, and never will exist in any shape or form, a single game with the title Persona 2, let alone two.”

“Any evidence of the game in media, such as a release on the PSN Network or a physical release for the PlayStation, are false and should be disregarded as symptoms of your own failing memory and lack of connection to the collective unconscious,” Atlus of Japan added in response to claims of the second game’s existence.

“If you believe you own a copy of Persona 2 in any capacity, please dispose of it as soon as possible before it can taint the labyrinth that is your mind. This should resolve any ill feeling you should have towards Atlus and its parent company Sega, ridding your dreams of the black shadow that threatens to consume the very ore of your being. We hope this clears up any issues our loyal fans may have been having and that they will enjoy the upcoming Persona 5 S, R, T, X, U, A, and Dancing$$$ titles in the near future.”

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