Authorities on Lookout for Suspect of Multiple Assaults on Japanese Roads

TOKYO, Japan – Japanese authorities state that they are currently on the lookout for an individual involved in a series of assaults on roadways in the Tokyo area. Area police believe the suspect to have been the one responsible for multiple instances of attacks on pedestrians over the past month.

All incidents have reportedly involved one or multiple persons having been struck with a large blunt object while in the middle of a public road. Prior victims have been found with heavy trauma sustained across one side of their body, leading authorities to believe that the perpetrator had suddenly attacked many of his victims from the side when they were off-guard. While there has been a variety of reported cases, the attacker seems to prefer targeting high school students and young men in their 20’s.

“He was just an average guy with no particular standout qualities,” a coworker of recently deceased victim Hiroto Tanaka, 22, recounted. “The day before at lunch he was talking about how nothing interesting ever happened to him and how he wished he could go to another world. Then just like that, the next day he was gone. Poor guy didn’t deserve to go out like that.”

Despite a majority of the cases occurring during broad daylight, no one has yet been able to clearly identify the attacker. Witnesses to previous attacks state that they have only been able to get a glimpse of the suspect before the attacker quickly left the scene at a high rate of speed.

From limited eyewitness accounts, the suspect is believed to be a large individual of above average height with a rectangular build weighing approximately 4100 kilograms. The suspect is also believed to possibly be a heavy smoker due to previous witness reports recalling the smell of fumes after the suspect had fled the crime scene.

Law enforcement has increased investigation efforts as to the current whereabouts of the individual. In the meantime, authorities have advised citizens to stay aware of their surroundings and to avoid suddenly running into the middle of streets or being lost in thought while crossing intersections.

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