Average Millennial Spider Cannot Afford Own Web

Anime Series So I’m a Spider, so What? has received criticism by activists and labor economists in the spider community for its unrealistic portrayal of a young main character owning her own home and easily leveling up, according to multiple Twitter threads.

“The average millennial spider does not have nearly the webs or experience points to have their own home,” said labor economist Dr. Rich Wolf. “A spider needs to have reached at level 85 to have the resources to create their own home or have rich spider parents.”

“Real wages and experience points given to normal spiders have not grown since 1968, meaning many millennial spiders don’t have the resources for home ownership.” said labor economist Doctor Jennifer Huntsman. “Also complicating the issue is that baby boomers have purchased all the affordable webs in good locations to use for WebBnB.”

“We need a true living wage for all spiders, the working class spiders performing crucial labor for the world deserve it,” said Fight for 15 Experience Points Activist Phil Drom. “Accelerated gaining of experience points shouldn’t be reserved only for those who can afford the game season pass.”

We reached out to millennial spiders to get their perspective on the controversy.

“In order to make ends meet I work as a barista and have to live in a studio apartment with 400 other siblings,” said tarantula Tex Brown. “The times I hear a voice saying I’ve leveled up are few and far between.”

“With my career going nowhere we’ve had to delay having children and buying a house,” said black widow Kat Brown. “We just can’t afford to raise 500 to 1000 children at this time.”

Anime Maru asked the protagonist of So I’m a Spider, so What? about how she thought other young spiders could succeed in the same way she has.

“Eat the rich.”

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