Avex to Counter Piracy by Not Releasing Any Music at All

Media company Avex Group announced at a recent shareholder event that it would begin to take actions against music piracy and unauthorized importation by simply refusing to publish any more music.

Avex is no stranger to taking actions against certain distributions of their properties. The company has received criticism in the past for banning certain exports, removing online content posted outside of Japan, and withdrawing licensing. The decision seems to be an attempt to finally reduce unauthorized copies of Avex music after previous actions failed to pan out.

“Avex prides itself on its vast library of intellectual properties that have allowed us to establish our name in the industry for nearly 30 years,” President of Avex Music Publishing Shinji Igarashi stated in a press release. “The copying and unapproved distribution of our media properties only serves to damage to value of the Avex brand. By taking such actions, we strive to protect the value of our intellectual property for our partners.”

Avex estimates that by ceasing the public release of all music, piracy rates will fall to effectively zero. Avex has stated that the sale of CDs and individual singles is no longer a core part of their business model. The company plans to make up for the loss of consumer sales by instead focusing on its business of licensing, holding investments, and diversifying into new ways of screwing international fans over.

“I used to buy albums online from third party sellers to get around the import restrictions,” said American J-pop fan Justin Warner. “Now I don’t really have any more options. I’ve never had this much of an issue giving money to anything else before.”

“I don’t know what I’m going to do now,” stated another fan as they tabbed over to a torrent client on their desktop. “There’s just no other way to get some of this music if it’s not for sale in my region. Whatever shall I do?”

All Avex Group music will begin to gradually be removed from all stores within the upcoming months. The company revealed that the upcoming hit single “Keep Crying Gaijin” would be the final release before halting distribution. As of press time, the single is still not available in your region.

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