‘Azur Lane’ Anime Staff Fails to Pull Episode 7

Bibury Animation Studios put out a press release yesterday that they were delaying episode 7 of Azur Lane due to the fact they had been unable to pull a single version of episode 7.

“People may think we call Azur Lane a gatcha anime because it’s adapted from a gatcha game, but we actually mean it far more literally,” director Tanaka Motoki told the media.

“All of the show’s episodes actually come from a gacha game called Azur Lanimation. Each week there’s a new event where the next episode of the show is made available, and we try to pull the newest episode.”

Unfortunately, staff at Bibury were unable to pull any copies of episode 7 before the week’s event expired, and has therefore cancelled episode 7 entirely. The staff has stated that they will hopefully be able to pull episode 8 in time for next week’s broadcast.

“We spent over 80,000 yen on pulls, but we just kept getting repeats of episode 1 and 3 without a single episode 7. Since we ended up missing the boat (no pun intended) on the episode 7 event, we’ll just have to go without for now. Hopefully they run the event again in a year and we can show you episode 7 then.”

Bilbury also apologized for the low animation quality of previous episodes, saying they were only barely able to pull C-ranks for episodes 5 and 6.

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