Bandai Namco Ordered to Put Warnings Labels on iDOLM@STER Products


TOKYO, Japan — A Tokyo Superior Metropolitan judge ordered toy and video game company Bandai Namco to apply labeling to all products related to The iDOLM@STER warning consumers of the dangers of becoming addicted to the franchise.


The decision came in the wake of rising rates of bankruptcy, job loss, and poor hygiene among Idolmaster fans. The government wants to send a clear message about the dangers that face these “Producers”.

“After the anime came out a few years ago, more people are becoming Producers than ever before,” said Hideaki Yoshiko of the Center for Otaku Research and Education. “We want to make sure young adults are aware of the risks and side effects to becoming obsessed with a franchise run by Bandai Namco.”

According to Hideaki, Idolmaster fandom leads to habitual and uncontrollable purchasing of Idolmaster-themed merchandise, going to concerts, and travelling sometimes great distances to meet fellow producers. All of which, as Hideaki points out, require great deals of money.

“The government must play a role in warning consumers about the inherent risks of becoming a Producer,” Hideaki added. “Bandai Namco does not care about your well-being, it just wants your money.”

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